Date: TBA
Time: 10:30am CET Duration: 6 hours

The Retail to Business trend continues to gather momentum, promising a long-term, profitable growth opportunity for retailers, distributors and vendors.

R2B is the strategic option: 

  • Profitable - Business end-users are less price sensitive and more value-orientated
  • Timely - R2B offers a new route-to-market and growth potential for all parties involved 
  • Sizeable - CONTEXT research in WE shows that the R2B addressable market is 4 to 5 times larger than what retailers currently sell to SMB in volume terms 
  • Evolving - Growth of remote-working, home offices, cloud services, BYOD etc...
  • Actionable - Other retail industries have demonstrated the R2B possibilities, e.g. telecoms, DIY and IT in the US

With unique coverage of SMB flows, and exclusive insight into this market, CONTEXT looks forward to hosting the R2B summit 2019, giving attendees an opportunity to:

  • network with a leading group of industry peers
  • secure funding for new R2B initiatives
  • grapple with the real practical issues faced by retailers and vendors 

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