Our Culture

"Our culture is based on trust and family values, embracing a multicultural environment where we look after each other and our customers. It is based on recognising the personal worth of every employee and developing their skills to enable them to develop and grow, keeping us at the forefront of our industry. Above all, it is a culture where we are passionate about what we do, and we are totally committed to the good of the company as a whole."


Howard Davies

CEO and Co-Founder



To serve the IT industry with the best analytics and data solutions possible in order to enable continual business improvement and sustainable decision-making.

To be a central hub which acts as a force for good in our industry, by connecting people and sharing ideas and best practices.

Significant Suppliers

Significant Suppliers

Prioritizing supplier relationships is a strategic investment.




Great Places to Work


CONTEXT was named by Great Place to Work® as one of the UK's Best WorkplacesTM in its 2023 ranking. The methodology behind the ranking is one of the most rigorous available and uniquely comprises both an employee survey and an audit into our organisation's management and HR practices


"We are delighted to see CONTEXT on our Best WorkplacesTM list this year. It is a validation of the strength of their leadership and their commitment to creating the kind of culture which attracts and retains the best talent and where people have pride in what they do and want to do their best. The hallmark of a great workplace like CONTEXT is that their policies and practices are designed around the employee; this employee focus helps attract and retain the talent essential for driving and sustaining competitive performance."


Tom O'Byrne,

Great Place to Work® CEO


Diversity and Inclusion

As a London-based company with a global scope, CONTEXT benefits from a true melting pot of diverse cultures. CONTEXT enjoys a demographically diverse workforce at all levels of the company, with hiring processes and internal promotions entirely focusing in on role suitability, knowledge, and experience.


Over 370 people worldwide