Compare cloud price and performance metrics with a single, standardised view of thousands of varied IaaS offerings from around the world*.


The CONTEXT PriceWatch Cloud service tracks public cloud infrastructure pricing from the top three cloud providers: Amazon’s EC2, Google’s Compute Engine, and Microsoft’s Azure. Alibaba and others are to be added in 2019.

Actual pricing data is broken down to the level of virtual-machine (VM) type and specification, allowing you to compare providers’ IaaS solutions.

*Available H2 2019


Cloud providers included

Segmented by

  • Amazon – EC2
  • Google – Compute Engine
  • Google – Compute Engine
  • Microsoft – Azure
  • Alibaba and others to be added in 2019
  • Region and sub-region
  • VM optimisation
  • Virtual CPU grouping
  • CPU-to-memory ratio
  • Temporary storage
  • Operating system



  • Vendor product mix
  • VM price spread within a region
  • Hourly pricing of VM offerings
  • Pre-configured product comparisons


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