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The Importance of Being… Secure

The Importance of Being… Secure

The Importance of Being… Secure

In late November, there was yet another news story about a bank having to deal with an IT glitch. Yes, these things happen – but they are still frustrating for customers and bad news for shareholders. Security needs its fair share of attention. 

Unfortunately, it feels that many companies treat it as an add-on and only do the bare minimum … which might prove a costly decision, especially if something goes haywire.

Over the past year or two, the Western European distribution channel’s revenues have increased. A lot of this has come from products offering data recovery, loss prevention and protection. However, more recently, sales of storage management systems and storage media – such as flash arrays and NAS systems – have also improved. While the latter change has probably been driven by small businesses and individual consumers, it has, nonetheless, been prompted by a growing awareness of the need to store data securely.

Veritas hosted an event in the second half of November 2019 in which they touched on some of these topics while talking about challenges for customers. These challenges included the expected growth in the amount of data, and the increase in (and better targeting of) cyberattacks – especially ransomware. Beware of emails claiming to cancel your subscription to Netflix (or similar streaming service)!  

Pointing to the more widespread use of cloud integration, the speaker made a comment that stuck with me: whether you use your own on-premises data centre or private or public cloud storage, backing up the data you hold in the cloud remains your responsibility – it’s not down to your cloud provider.

Data regulation was also highlighted. We all know that the advent of GDPR was a wake-up call for many companies, but it only reaches so far – you need to be aware of local requirements in the region(s) you deal with. 

The final challenge mentioned was that of operating of old and new resources in parallel, something that adds to the complexity of the IT landscape companies have to deal with.

Rest assured, Veritas have solutions at hand to help customers with all these challenges. As for the aforementioned bank, one can only hope that they have learned their lesson and that, after their (rather bad) experience, they now have data back-up and recovery solutions in place. If they don’t, they need to contact an expert.


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