Peerless-AV Showcase Highlights the Intersection of Sustainability, LED, and AI

Peerless-AV Showcase Highlights the Intersection of Sustainability, LED, and AI

Peerless-AV Showcase Highlights the Intersection of Sustainability, LED, and AI

As analysts we spend a lot of time hunched over our computer screens. That’s why it’s important to get out to trade shows now and again – not just for the fresh air, but to meet and hear first–hand from key players in the IT channel about their challenges and concerns. 

It was great to see a whole host of AV vendors at the AV Showcase by Peerless–AV recently – indicative of the close technology business relationships many have with the vendor in this tight–knit ecosystem.

Key takeaways from the show

It’s been a solid start to the year for large format displays (LFDs). After year–on–year (YoY) Q1 growth of 3.2% in units and 8.6% YoY in revenue, April saw stellar growth of 31.4% and 15.6% YoY respectively, according to CONTEXT data. But what’s the story behind the figures? Several themes stood out at the show.

Sustainability: Many vendors are now bringing customers’ attention to power consumption, and the savings which can be made as part of a sustainability drive. This in turn is boosting demand for LFDs with a power–saving option. In addition to this we now see an increase in products which are being made from increased recycled materials, options to reduce packaging, and a rise in interest in the growing area of ePaper Displays. 

LED: Vendors are really pushing LED at their stands these days – particularly as an option for building video walls, due to their seamless design. LED is also an important component for AR/XR use cases. We’re seeing prices for direct view (DV)–LED in particular continue to come down, which will spur interest.  

AI: LFDs are just one of many technology categories impacted by the AI revolution. But it’s certainly one of the most exciting. Signage monitors are increasingly fitted with or being used with a camera and content management system. This enables them to take advantage of AI to track users and other elements – to create or change the ads in real time based on what’s happening in front of them and collect analytics on customer interaction.

Unified communication/hybrid working: As more employees work from home more days of the week, organisations are scaling down the size of their meeting rooms, meaning they need smaller display sizes for those rooms. As sales of smaller LFD form factors increase, we’re seeing prices come down, as well as an increase in camera’s, speakers, microphones and other VoIP products which are add ons to LFDs.

Arms/Mounts/Stands are helping to bring all of the technology together: There is an increasing interest in this area as vendors such as Peerless AV respond to the changes/new additions to AV technology, responding with a series of products which are compatible with these products, allow for neat and tidy installation, and provide added benefits for users.

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