Navigating the Green Horizon: Insights from the Channel Partner Conclave and Awards

Navigating the Green Horizon: Insights from the Channel Partner Conclave and Awards

Navigating the Green Horizon: Insights from the Channel Partner Conclave and Awards

In the heart of Dubai’s technological hub, the Channel Partner Conclave and Awards provided a platform to address the pressing issues surrounding sustainability in the IT industry. Occurring just before COP28, the event emphasized the industry’s role in global climate efforts.

The presentation began with a stark reality – global temperatures are on a trajectory that surpasses the 1.5°C target set against pre–industrial benchmarks. This alarming revelation set the stage for a discourse extending beyond conventional technological boundaries, delving into uncharted territories of sustainability.

A notable revelation was the pervasive lack of awareness regarding individual carbon footprints. This highlighted a critical need for a paradigm shift in our approach to environmental responsibility. Beyond personal footprints, attention was drawn to the often–overlooked carbon emissions associated with IT products. The stark comparison between a laptop (emitting approximately 200 kg of CO2) and a server (around 5 tonnes of CO2) provided a compelling perspective.

However, amidst the unsettling truths, a silver lining emerged. The IT industry stands at a pivotal crossroads where sustainability is not just a moral imperative but a strategic necessity. With substantial funding flowing into green initiatives, the message was clear – the time to embrace sustainability is now. Non–green initiatives may find it increasingly challenging to secure funding in a world awakening to the urgency of climate action.


To guide IT companies on this transformative journey, practical steps were proposed. The appointment of a Chief Sustainability Officer emerged as a crucial move, signaling a dedicated focus on navigating the green course. Embedding carbon emissions as an additional product specification, optimizing operations and sustainability processes with AI, and embracing a circular economy model were presented as viable strategies. This includes taking ownership of recycling and refurbishing processes, as well as venturing into the market of second–life products.

Backing these proposals were insights from a survey conducted, revealing a noteworthy trend – more resellers in the Middle East are investing in Artificial Intelligence compared to their counterparts in Europe. This underscores the evolving landscape of technological priorities in different regions and serves as a crucial benchmark for future endeavors.

As the industry navigates these uncharted waters, the path towards a sustainable IT ecosystem becomes clearer. Join the cause that not only propels us forward in innovation but also safeguards the future of our planet. Together, let’s set sail towards a greener, more sustainable horizon.

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