Joining the conversation about sustainable EdTech at Bett Asia

Joining the conversation about sustainable EdTech at Bett Asia

Joining the conversation about sustainable EdTech at Bett Asia

CONTEXT was proud to partner Bett Asia for the seventh annual Bett Asia show, which took place at the Athenee Hotel in Bangkok earlier this month. There were attendees from as far afield as South Africa and Poland - testament to the global appeal of an event that provided a fantastic opportunity to take the pulse of the region's EdTech (Education Technology) sector, see solutions offered by the main vendors in this space, and listen to the concerns of educators and government representatives.

Hybrid learning is here to stay

Education is a sector ripe for technology disruption. One of the few positives to come from the pandemic was the uptick in development of distance learning solutions that gave remote access. Such EdTech has been particularly impactful in parts of Southeast Asia. It was good to see a proliferation of cloud solutions offering more options to support hybrid learning on display at the show.

There were also plenty of other innovations to explore. Microsoft presented its new Learning Accelerators. The Redmond giant is squaring up to its arch-rival's Google Classroom with these tools that are provided as part of a Microsoft 365 for Education subscription and feature AI capabilities designed to help staff and students. Another noteworthy exhibitor was Chinese firm MAXHUB, which focuses on the use of interactive displays to bring digital learning back into the classroom. There were also several companies touting EdTech integrating robotics e-gaming technologies.

A more sustainable future

Overall, Bett Asia was a great opportunity for CONTEXT to find out more about EdTech in this hugely diverse and fast-growing region. This part of the world is also heavily affected by climate change so it was fitting that many conference keynotes addressed the alignment of EdTech and sustainability initiatives. This is a theme which is also likely to dominate next year's Bett Asia show in Kuala Lumpur.

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