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Gaming RAM Sales Soar During Lockdown as Prices Fall

Gaming RAM Sales Soar During Lockdown as Prices Fall

Gaming RAM Sales Soar During Lockdown as Prices Fall

COVID-related lockdowns across Europe have led to a spike in demand for various product categories. One such area is gaming RAM, as consumers looked for new ways to pass the time at home. According to CONTEXT data, sales of gaming RAM increased 40% year-on-year in Q2 quarter-to-date, although that came about as vendors dropped their prices.

A bright spark

With more homebound gamers likely to be spending more time on their favourite titles, and even building their own machines, the increase in RAM sales from week 14-25 was perhaps to be expected. Year-on-year growth was even more pronounced in Germany (+55%), Poland (+53%) and Turkey (+200%), which, along with Spain (+9%), comprise 63% of the European market.

With gaming accounting for around a quarter of the market, the news also provided hope for RAM-makers in an otherwise bleak quarter, which saw overall RAM sales down -2.7%. 

Focus on Germany
There appeared to be a clear link between unit sales and price/DIMM GB*, especially in Germany, where prices for products from market leader G-Skill declined -39% as sales increased +82% year-on-year. The firm has a commanding 56% market share, up +9% during the period, with Corsair down -1% to 26% and Kingston down -6% to just 9%.

To drive sales going forward, European RAM vendors would do well to focus on Germany, which has a staggering 38% of the regional market.

*It’s worth noting that CONTEXT calculates price/DIMM GB capacity rather than overall average cost, as the latter tends to be skewed by product mix. This is possible due to the granularity of product-level detail we are able to obtain, ensuring that CONTEXT data remains the most reliable source of market intelligence for channel businesses on the move.

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