First Copilot+ notebooks mark change in AI PC landscape

First Copilot+ notebooks mark change in AI PC landscape
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First Copilot+ notebooks mark change in AI PC landscape

There have been several exciting developments in notebook technology over recent weeks. It’s hoped that new AI–capable chipsets and a new category, Copilot+ PCs, will help to reinvigorate the market. 

Change is certainly coming. On the week of June  10, AI–ready notebooks comprised 16% of notebook sales through European distribution, according to CONTEXT figures. These included the first Copilot+ notebooks based on Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon X chip – a chip that comes with a 45 TOPS built–in neural processing unit (NPU).


Getting AI ready

A number of recent announcements has got market watchers excited about the potential for AI to spur new demand. These include:

The Copilot+ PC design aims to bring some AI workloads and applications to the device by integrating high–performance neural processing units (NPUs). This will free–up other components and increase device speed and battery power. 

However, this new PC category requires a 40+ TOPS NPU chip. Snapdragon X is the first and currently only one on the market. Intel and AMD have announced their own versions, but these are not expected to be out before Q3.

Time to change

CONTEXT believes Copilot+ PCs and other AI–powered notebooks will eventually help to kickstart improved market performance, but not immediately. In the meantime, as with any major new technology, the industry is still debating definitions and trying to decide what an AI PC is, or should be. And it’s still working out what the best use cases are for the tech, and how to market these.

It’s not even clear whether TOPS NPU is the best way to measure AI performance. Total system performance also depends on other components such as the GPU, the software and the specific AI application that is being run. But we’re still in the early days of a nascent sector. There’s plenty to be excited about. But some caution is also required at this stage.

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