ESG is changing in APAC: Here's how CONTEXT can help

ESG is changing in APAC: Here's how CONTEXT can help

ESG is changing in APAC: Here's how CONTEXT can help

Whether you're an investor, customer, policymaker, regulator, channel business or supplier, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework is increasingly front of mind. This in turn is driving a growing interest in ESG-related technologies and services to help with monitoring and reporting. It's an area to which CONTEXT is aiming to add transparency to with its leading market analysis.

How sustainability is maturing

ESG can help businesses attract investors, build customer loyalty, improve financial performance, make operations sustainable and gain a competitive edge. In APAC, some markets are maturing faster than others thanks to local regulations and government policies, which in turn are driving demand for more reporting on key metrics. Whilst some countries are only just at the start of implementing such policies, others are achieving near uniform enforcement thanks to local regulation.

This is set to have a major impact on the IT Channel in particular, as end-customer organisations start to consider ESG as a key criteria for selecting certain technologies, vendors and Channel partners. That's why they need data they can trust.

Staying competitive starts with data

In this fast-evolving APAC marketplace, compliance is driving ESG take-up faster in certain countries. Furthermore, across the board, the general direction of travel is towards sustainability. To stay competitive and compliant, business leaders need the right data with which to make informed decisions.

This is where CONTEXT comes in. We're introducing ESG as a key part of our market analysis globally. It's designed to help companies at the start of their sustainability journey, who want more insight into the topic.

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