Enhancing Our Industry Knowledge and Reach at Computex Taipei

Enhancing Our Industry Knowledge and Reach at Computex Taipei

Enhancing Our Industry Knowledge and Reach at Computex Taipei

CONTEXT works with 245 distributor panellists around the world, processing more than 8,700 data points each week to provide market intelligence for our clients. However, we are always looking to improve our understanding of the market and build relationships with key vendors across the technology sector.

There are few better places to do both than Computex Taipei – one of the largest technology trade shows in the world.

Why Computex?

Held at sites across the Taiwanese capital, Computex has been running for over 40 years. It grew out of the burgeoning IT manufacturing sector that sprang up in the region in the early ’80s, and has grown in importance just as Taiwan has to global supply chains. This year, 1,500 vendors from 36 countries gathered for the four–day event, showcasing their products to over 85,000 ICT buyers and professionals.

At the forefront of the IT industry, CONTEXT, the market intelligence powerhouse, made its presence felt at the event. Surrounded by innovation, we reconnected with valued partners and forged exciting new connections with brands like Acer, MicroStar, Asus, AMD, HP, Gigabyte, Intel, Qualcomm, and beyond. By fostering existing collaborations and cultivating promising new ones, as exemplified at Computex this year, CONTEXT empowers its clients with ever–more precise market insights.

All eyes on AI

It was also a fantastic opportunity to gain a broader perspective of the latest trends in IT – the technology itself, how each brand is marketing it, and which companies are collaborating with each other. This year the buzz was, of course, all around AI–powered products. The AI theme permeated every corner of the show – from the AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA keynotes to the latest Acer and Asus Copilot+ PCs.

AI notebooks like these – featuring dedicated AI accelerators such as NPUs – accounted for 13% of all laptops sold through European distribution in May 2024. The recent Copilot+ launch will further drive market interest in these machines, although it’s still early days for the category. The surge in interest in AI–everything at Computex was something to behold. However, in reality, most users are still unsure about what the technology can do for them. Expect plenty of activity from suppliers in the meantime.

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