Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing (AM3DP) is a fast-growing set of technologies at the crossroads of traditional manufacturing and Information Technology (IT).

The novel technologies which make up this emerging sector open the door to new ways to manufacture products, offer fast-turn manufacturing techniques to help on-shore production and mitigate supply-chain challenges and provide the ability to produce complex products which simply could not be manufactured before.


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CONTEXT AM3DP Printer Shipment and Forecast Report

Access AM3DP shipment data and forecasts

Identify what is being shipped, where and why. The industry benchmark for global, timely market tracking since 2012, the CONTEXT AM3DP Printer Report gives quarterly tracking and five-year forecasts of global 3D printer shipments tracking ship-out data from vendor company headquarters.

Data is broken down by geographic region, vendor and core technology to give a complete view of the entire AM3DP market. The report offers:

  • Quarterly tracking
  • Five-year-out forecasting
  • Global coverage
  • Comprehensive view of all core print technologies/materials
  • Quarterly tracking by unit shipments and system revenues with a five-year history by quarter
  • Five-year forecasts by quarter, by region, by all major price-class and printer system attributes
  • Aggregation of product shipments by price-class including 
    • Industrial ($100K+)
    • Midrange ($20K - $100K)
    • Professional ($2.5K - $20K)
    • Entry-level (<$2.5K)
  • Global coverage by eight major regions (North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China, Asia Pacific, Japan, Middle East and Africa and Latin America)
  • Comprehensive view of all core print technologies by process, by ASTM process and by material
  • Additional ability to parse shipments by Brand, Model, System Price and Region shipped 

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CONTEXT AM3DP End-Market Report

Assess shipments by end market and principal use

The 3D printing market spans a wide range of technologies, materials and applications. This makes it important to understand which technologies best serve which sectors and what is driving demand.
As an add-on to the AM3DP Printer Shipment and Forecast Report, CONTEXT's quarterly AM3DP End-Market Report enables you to further drill down quarterly printer system shipments by: 

  • Quarterly utilisation assessment
  • Five-year historical assessment
  • Five-year-out forecasts
  • Global coverage
  • Units, revenue and ASP
  • Segmented by:
  • End market - Automotive, Medical & Healthcare, Dental, Aerospace & Aviation, Jewellery, Education, R&D, Art & Architecture, Energy, Oil & Gas, Consumer Products and Movie Props
  • Principal use - Prototyping, Jigs and Fixtures, Mass Customisation, End-Part Production, Mass Production, Movie and Props, Repair, R&D, Art & Architecture, Casting & Molding, Modelling and Covid Related

The report includes:

  • Global and regional shipments mapped by end market and principal use
  • Five years of historical data and a quarterly forecast for the next five years
  • A searchable database of over 1,300 installations including customer name and type, process, use and region.

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CONTEXT AM3DP Materials Utilisation Report

Evaluate materials utilisation in a host of different ways 

CONTEXT uses an industry-first model to create a validated and detailed quarterly report showing how AM3DP materials are used across end markets globally.

The model balances the effects of a multitude of contributory factors (build volume, build speed, principal use, end market, material density, material feedstock and the like) to produce the most accurate assessments possible.

The report offers five-year-out forecasts alongside quarterly assessments of the quantity of material shipped, as well as revenue and pricing, covering the past five years. The data is broken down by:

  • Print technology
  • Material category
  • Material feedstock
  • Sub-material
  • End market
  • Principal use


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