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Channel Predictions for 2018: A French Association Speaks About GDPR, IOT And “As A Service”


Channel Predictions for 2018: A French Association Speaks About GDPR, IOT And “As A Service”

Channel Predictions For 2018: A French Association Speaks About GDPR, IOT And “As A Service”

As part of our 2018 predictions pieces, we interviewed Stella Morabito and Laurent Mitais, Secretary-General and President of the SGI distributor association on their views around key market trends they expect to see over the coming months.

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation, with its related products: Data processing & Data security
The impact of the conformity to this pan-European regulation entering into force on May 25, 2018 will be huge on CRM/HR software providers both in terms of the architecture oftheir products and on the 

contractualization with their clients. The market of security will also be positively impacted by the growing importance of data protection and security.

IoT, with its related products: Data transmission and communications, Cloud, Data storage, Data security

The exponential development of the IoT will engender the explosion of cloud storage capabilities and hence of data centers (+21% built in 2018 following industry forecasts). A bright future for server manufacturers and providers but also an important R&D challenge, given the necessity to reduce (or reuse) power consumption (which represents in average 40% of the operating costs of a data center).

‘As a service’
2018 will mark the beginning of radical changes in consumers’ buying behaviors and in the population working habits. Consumers will become more environmentally and socially responsible, increasingly promote an economy of sharing  and be more attracted to as-a-service solutions, be it for software, hardware or transportation solutions.

Companies will increasingly rely on telework, thus boosting the need for connected devices, cloud software and security.

SGI new year’s resolution
In this year of renewed challenges and unprecedented business opportunities, SGI will continue to support its members with expert counsel, dedicated training sessions and the organisation of industry events analysing the most impactful changes.

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