Smart Home Players Join Forces to Capitalise on Growing European Demand

Associations in UK, Germany and France will look to share knowledge and drive sales

Ifa, Berlin – 5th September 2017 - Three major Smart Home associations in the UK, Germany and France have teamed up to drive deployments and meet growing consumer demand across Europe. The partnership agreement was signed in the Smart Home pavilion of IFA in Berlin on 4th September.

With the long-awaited launch of Google Home in the UK and the acclaimed Amazon Echo garnering plaudits across Europe, the region is waking up to the possibilities offered by new connected home systems.

In fact, the Smart Home M2M market in Western Europe has been predicted to grow at a CAGR of nearly 50% over the period 2015-2019.

In response, the UK’s Smart Homes & Buildings Association (SH&BA), Germany’s SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e.V. (SHD) and the Fédération Française de Domotique (FFD) will form a European committee to better coordinate joint activities.

The three bodies have successfully developed Smart Home ecosystems in their respective countries for over a decade, representing over 600 professional members, including OEMs, retailers, distributors, ISVs, integrators, telcos, and energy suppliers.

Each of them has leaders and members who are well recognised in their markets, but as there are common topics across countries, the three associations have now decided to co-ordinate their efforts.

“We have been working together for the last two years, and this is the next step of coordinating the growth of the smart home. The concerns of the industry are not limited by national borders – our first priority is to set up a pan-European forum for our members to learn from each other, bring in common standards, and find ways of expanding the sales of their products and services,” said Adam Simon, Chair of the SH&BA.

“We look forward to working on key smart home challenges: saving energy costs while maintaining comfort in the home, optimising homecare of the elderly, anticipating the transformation of energy consumption – smart meters, green initiatives, and integrating a home into a Smart City – are examples,” said Benoît Van den Bulcke, Board member of the FFD.

“Membership in each national organisation will automatically open up new sources of information as we establish mutual membership of each other’s associations. In this way, we will provide an injection of new ideas and start a pan-European exchange,” said Günther Ohland, President of Smart Home Initiative Germany.

SH&BA is based in London and was founded in 2000 – its mission is to grow the market for smart home technology products and services for people at home, in buildings and communities through the exchange of knowledge and by involvement in new business opportunities and projects. For further details please contact or go to

FFD is based in Paris and was founded in 2012 – it has currently 320 professional members through a dozen industry sectors (OEMs, ISPs, distributors, retailers, Integrators, Consultants, Architects, ...). Its Mission is to promote smart home through marketing activities and to facilitate synergies between different players of the ecosystem. Moreover its role is to be the smart home representative to other professional and official organisations. For further details, please contact or go to

The “SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e.V.” is an interdisciplinary independent non-profit association. Its task is networking and exchange of experience across all participants of the value chain "SmartHome" from research, development, industry, wholesale trade, trade, crafts, utilities, housing and social economy, planners and architects