Wider product range boosts sales of curved monitors in Q3 2017

London, 2nd November 2017 - Sales of curved monitors increased significantly in August and September 2017, according to the latest data published by CONTEXT, the European IT market research company. Many vendors registered an uptick that came, to a large extent from sales of new models that were announced earlier in the year and are now available through distribution in Western Europe (WE).

Unit sales of curved monitors increased year-on-year by +73% in Q3 2017. The pace of growth is outstanding when compared to the decelerating total monitor market, which increased by only +2% in Q3.

The driving force in the curved monitor niche in Q3 was mainly 31.5" monitors: distributor sales of these grew by over +400% in Q3 and they now have an 11% share by unit compared to 4% in the same period last year. Another screen size selling well is 34", which accounts for almost 20% of the market. However, as these have a relatively high price, they have recently been challenged by slightly smaller monitors with screen sizes of, for example, 31.5" and distribution ASPs almost three times lower. Interest in the format is also growing thanks to smaller and more affordable 24", 23.5", 23.8" and even 21.5" models, with some selling for under €130.

The most popular size however, is still 27" and this segment of the market is dominated by Samsung. Other vendors, such as Acer, HP and Philips, also saw increased sales of their 27" curved models in Q3.

Revenues grew along with unit sales: by +64% in Q3 2017. This result is due not only to the increased popularity of curved monitors in general but also to successful Q3 sales of high-end 37.5" monitors and Samsung’s latest ultra-large 49" models which have an ASP of over 1,000 euros.

“Sales of curved monitors are expected to continue to grow, driving volume sales in the desktop monitor category”, said Dominika Koncewicz, Senior Analyst for Displays at CONTEXT. “The increased competition between vendors will result in more affordable models and continue to spur interest in this niche.”


 Curved monitors, unit year-on-year growth Q3-17
 Germany 90.2%
 United Kingdom 33.6%
 France 123.5%
 Italy 120.3%
 Switzerland 70.4%
 Poland 128.9%
 Spain 61.5%
 Sweden 41.9%
 Austria 111.3%
 Netherlands 36.7%
 Finland 84.5%
 Belgium 46.0%
 Denmark -19.0%
 Portugal 30.8%
 Norway 45.7%
 Ireland 153.6%



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