UPS Revenues Grow in Western Europe as Demand Grows for High Power Backup

London, 26th April 2017 - Combined revenues from uninterruptable power supply (UPS) products sold to enterprise customers through the distribution channel in Western Europe (WE) showed growth of +13.3% year-on-year in March 2017, according to data published by CONTEXT, the leading European IT market analysis company.

Revenue has grown for four months in a row, and was strongest in March. Although there has been unit growth for five consecutive months, and overall at higher levels, the volatility of average selling prices (ASPs) has meant that the two trends have not always run in parallel.

The best-selling products are those in the 1–3kVA range; despite a small reduction in their market share year-on-year, revenues from these grew by +12.0% and unit sales by +11.8%. Devices with a 5–10kVA capacity saw revenue growth of +22.7% and even stronger unit growth of +30.6%

“One of the reasons for this was the adoption of 5kVA output power models by the German corporate reseller channel which signals a need for higher output emergency backup to ensure that even more power-hungry systems can be maintained during outages”, said Mathias Knoefel, Senior Manager, Corporate Benchmarking and Enterprise Analyst at CONTEXT.


Revenue year-on-year growth

Country Mar-17
Germany 17.5%
United Kingdom 16.7%
France 17.1%
Italy 2.0%
Spain 33.1%
Switzerland 4.5%
Netherlands -15.8%
Belgium 8.2%
Austria 42.9%
Sweden -6.5%
Portugal 39.2%
Norway 13.7%
Finland 14.1%
Denmark 0.9%
Poland 8.7%


Units year-on-year growth

Country  Mar-17
Germany 14.4%
United Kingdom -2.6%
France 32.2%
Italy -2.2%
Spain 41.0%
Switzerland 28.0%
Netherlands 7.0%
Belgium 28.6%
Austria 5.4%
Sweden -3.3%
Portugal 46.4%
Norway -13.6%
Finland 31.7%
Denmark 4.3%
Poland 11.2%


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