The 101st Object to Shape the History of the World: The VR Headset

8am, 5th July 2016, The British Museum, London

On 5th July 2016 CONTEXT celebrated the launch of the VR Research Group which is made up of key stakeholders from the VR industry including Oculus, AMD, Dell, UKIE, the University of Reading, Attensi, John Lewis and others. The results of a pan-EU consumer survey were shared with invited guests, along with a preview of Context's new PC Gaming distribution report.


Speakers included:

Dr Andrew Glennerster, Professor of Visual Neuroscience, University of Reading

Nicolas Thibieroz, Game Engineering, AMD

Dr Matthew Nicholls, Associate Professor in Classics, University of Reading

Adam Simon, Global Retail Managing Director – CONTEXT

Jonathan Wagstaff, UK Country Manager – CONTEXT




Dr Nicholls' Virtual Rome Project. Dr Nicholls spoke and demonstrated his work on 5th July at the event.

With thanks to Ancient History Encyclopedia.