Retail CEO Breakfast 2017

Omnichannel is the new normal

Omnichannel has become the new normal for how consumers shop. But is omnichannel a given for retailers, vendors, and distributors? What trends can we expect to see in 2017? CONTEXT hosted its third CES Retail CEO Breakfast on Friday January 6th to address these industry critical questions.



Our first speaker was Maplin CEO Oli Meakin. Maplin is a leading UK specialist electronics retailer that has 40 years’ experience of bringing technology solutions to consumers across the country.

In a world where consumers are already omnichannel, Oli Meakin explored how to make stores relevant by differentiating by the channels and interactions that really matter to today’s connected consumers.

Download Oli Meakin’s presentation here.

Listen to Oli Meakin’s talk here.


Our second speaker, Chris Petersen, is a thought leader who has been named one of the top retail influencers in 2016. He specialises in innovative and actionable omnichannel benchmarking.

Chris delved into the results of CONTEXT’s latest retailer-focused Omnichannel Survey. This survey was designed to assess the current state of omnichannel transformation across retailers from different countries, and addresses such questions as:

  • How important is omnichannel for your company?
  • What percentage of your customers are omnichannel?
  • What delivery options do you offer, and how much do you charge for them?
  • Where are you investing in omnichannel in 2017?

Listen to Chris Petersen’s talk here.


The concluding Q&A session was chaired by Adam Simon. Adam is leading CONTEXT’s research into omnichannel best practices in EMEA, growing the CONTEXT panel of ICT retailers, and leveraging the panel data to bring fresh thinking to new market opportunities.

Listen to the Q&A here.


All delegates received their own copy of the CONTEXT Omnichannel Retail Report, which covers the following topics of note:

If you would like to find out more about the CONTEXT Omnichannel Retail Report,

please get in touch with Adam Simon