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CONTEXT is moving forward

CONTEXT is moving forward

CONTEXT is moving forward

CONTEXT is moving forward! In 2018 we celebrated 35 years, so it seemed right to launch 2019 with a look into the future. We asked our colleagues in which direction they see CONTEXT going – no-one can begin to imagine where the world of IT and technology will be in 2053, 35 years from now, so we kept to the next 10 years.
Global, automated, 24 hours 7/7, using our skills as data scientists to provide a platform as a service, and covering more categories than we do today. This is their vision in a nutshell. 

It was breath-taking to hear the views of many of our younger colleagues. Somehow they just get automation. One of our database developers described the work that she and her team will do to harness AI, thus accelerating and perfecting the production of our data, with, in addition, the creation of richer jobs designed to extract more value from that data. Our continued growth in new geographies seemed very natural to the CONTEXT employees of tomorrow – we will, in their view, transform ourselves into a global enterprise providing market intelligence in Europe, Africa, Latam, Asia and the Pacific, building on the work of people we already have today in these five continents. There was thankfully no post-Brexit angst in any of what we heard. One of our analysts put forward a clear possibility that with the right data science skills, we will be asked by customers to use those skills on other product categories. Already we are extending our data capture to the cloud and virtual categories – who knows where our customers and panellists will take us next, deeper into existing categories and broader into new areas.
In all of this a number of people emphasised the importance of taking what is good in the company into the future. Keeping our flexibility and the human values of CONTEXT while dealing with all the exciting developments, which are happening today, is how one person described it. 
Lastly, it was fascinating to hear one of the younger generation of CONTEXT colleagues describe how we will develop a platform-as-a-service incorporating multiple datasets. The focus is action-oriented – what can we do to accelerate and maximise the value we bring to our customers and panellists using the technology of today and tomorrow.
As you, our stakeholders, read this and watch the video, we invite you to accompany us on this shared journey of the next ten years, sharing your vision and allowing us to turn it into a reality for you.


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